About our website

so about this website, as you may have noticed (or probably not, since we feel nobody actually reads this) it is almost never up to date, except maybe for the gigs page.
We are going to stop the news under the “home” button. For our latest updates please like our facebook, it’s way less maintenance for us, and you’re all probably on there already.

All the other pages will remain, our short bio or “what we do” under the band button will stay, we’ve added a photo, so you can all not see that (since nobody looks at our website).
The gigs page will stay active and up to date, I still hope I can do something for the merch page, and our contact information will stay on the website.
Not sure what to do about our music page, it’s not really the best quality, or the latest material. I think we are gonna direct you to facebook for that as well.

so stick to OUR AWESOME FACEBOOK PAGE and we’ll see you soon!



We made it to the Semi finals in the battle of the tributebands!
we’re very exited and will do our very best to try to make it to the finals.
However, your support is needed, so see the flyer below and come see us!

halve finale uden

New Drummer!

Introducing, Maikel Wagelmans!
25 years of experience, has played the worst dutch folk music, death metal and everything in between. And now he’s going to play Volbeat as well.
Say hello to our new drummer!

Maikel Wagelmans

Goodbye Peer…… :-(

Unfortunately, our loyal since the start Drummer Peter Zijlmans (evil Peer) decided to quit 16 Dollars and start a new band on his own.

16 Dollars is currently having auditions for a new drummer, we promise to keep you up to date.

Peer you will be missed and thanks for an awesome time playing heavy music, HORNS UP!

This was Peer’s Statement;

Dear all:

Due to personal reasons en with some regret i have to announce i will quit 16 Dollars Volbeat Tribute.

The time has come for me to engage in new challenges, personally, at work, study and as a musiscian.

I will continue to make Music, i have done so all my life so i’m not going to stop.

I want to thank the Guys for everything, we did some crazy stuff together and i am very thankfull for that, as 16 Dollars we grew, not only as musiscians, but also as human beings, i will never forget this.

I also want to thank you, the fans who showed up everytime just to see 4 wierdos go apeshit on stage! Without you guys we woulden’t have come as far as we did!

For now, i wish you all well, we WILL meet again!



goodbye peer

The Rambler

We got the sad news that our local rockbar The Rambler is closing its doors.

In tribute to a great rockbar Rockcity Eindhoven got 5 bands together who will be making a lot of noise to make sure The Rambler will be remembered.
So rockers unite and come to the Tribute to The Rambler on the 21 of Februari.

See our gigs page or the event on facebook
Tribute to The Rambler


We kicked off year 3 for 16 Dollars in Woerden, with an awesome crowd.

We’ve seen mosh pits, underwear, boobs and lots of beer. Rockbunker K77 thanks for a great start of 2014!

We hope year 3 will be as succesfull for us as the previous years have been. And we are  (still) counting on all our fans support.

New gigs coming up!

We thought we had a few months to ourselves but some opportunities to get on stage came up, so it’s time to rock again!

The band is excited that people all the way up in Fryslân have heard of us, en we’re looking forward to playing at the Eastwood Motorcyclemeeting the 22nd of june.

We’re also working on some other gigs so make sure to check out our facebook or our gigs page now and then.

Time off

Our last gig was at Cafe D’n Juup (Geertruidenberg, NL) where we played Room 24 for the first time live. Went better than expected and we got some awesome compliments.
Also our drummers new drumkit literally kicked ass and again we thank peerdrums for al his support in this matter.

Now after a busy winter/spring we’ve got some time on our hands.
We probably should be practicing the new songs we want to play but we never know how much alcohol and bbq’s the summer will bring.

We know we’ll be seeing a lot of our fans at Fortarock, so untill then. And we’ll keep you posted.
Also, don’t forget to check out our gig’s page for upcoming events.

Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies

Volbeat released their new album, so of course we had te be among the first ones to get our hands on Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies.

After listening to the album we got an idea of which songs we want to play. If there are songs you prefer share them with us on our facebook page.

Now it’s time for us to get our setlists filled up and we will soon be playing on a stage near you!